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Tomorrow there will be Apricots

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“Why did you leave me when I needed you?”<br />
<br />
Aysha, 30, has been widowed for four years after 11 years of marriage to “Abu Layla,” who was a fighter in Deraa. Here, she shows
 a tattoo on her shoulder that reads, “Why did you leave me when I needed you?” The tattoo relates to a dramatic quarrel the two young teens had when they were dating— upon making up, they each tattooed the message as a reminder of how horrible it was being apart. She never imagined the tattoo would take on such poignant meaning years later. Her Nokia once held photographs and texts from her husband from the frontline... which she said infused their romance anew. The last image she had of him was of his body wrapped in a shroud. The phone has since died along with all of the digital memories of their union.